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The Fight Club for Entrepreneurs.


An exclusive social network for Pittsburgh's startup founders.

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The Purpose

Centralize the Pittsburgh startup ecosystem

 Many tier-2 city communities

are fragmented!

Increase accessibility for outside investment

(See the  Investor  side)

Build relationships and partnerships 

This is the fun part :)

"No bullshit - a place for people

who are building real things"

The People

"All killer no filler"


Brian Gaudio


Founder of Module


Olga Pogoda


Cofounder of KRNLS


Rachel Reid


Founder of Subtl Beauty


Vivek Kumar

Founder of Qlicket

"Moss Gen is a great meetup for early stage founders in Pittsburgh. Our city's startup ecosystem is growing, and Moss Gen provides founders a unique venue to get together."

I love how Moss Gen is connecting entrepreneurs but with a purpose. Focusing on founders in tech allows us to share the most relevant information and learn from each other. Their events have allowed me to meet incredible people in the community! 

When entrepreneurs come together and share their experiences, advice, and expertise, it strengthens our startup eco-system. Moss Gen has created a group where we can do just that. I’ve already learned so much in my first two meetups so I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this group. 

Our latest hire came straight from a Moss Gen networking event.  As much as I appreciate the free booze and hors d'oeuvres, and the fact that Andy and Max might be considered friends, I attend these events because of the informal and serendipitous interactions that happen by simply bringing people together who are genuinely interested in fostering a sense of Pittsburgh startup community.

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